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BiGi is Hong Kong based registered limited company who is engaging in the wood log furniture, shelving, cat tree and other sundries items since 2010. 

Our main product - Solid live edge wood slab table is our signature item that we import the wood material from New Zealand, fabricate and pack it in our factory in china where is one of our competitive advantage to cut down a lot of our cost so we always offer the very competitive price. 

Our wood masters in factory who have more than 20 years experience in general, no any wood items would be challenging to them and we always deliver on time or even faster than normal. Our quality of the table has been reaching the export standard to most of the Europe countries.  

Besides, our wood slabs are mainly imported from New Zealand, the reason why we use New Zealand wood as our main wood slab that is because the material cost is low, it just 30% of the price against the Oak, Walnut, etc. Also it has competitive quality, remarkable outlook, obvious wood grain, outstanding character and staining friendly. However the disadvantage of it that is not really suitable for outdoor purpose.

Moreover, we can customize the color, size, finishing and leg style. More than 100 styles of the wood style/color for your option, so you would be always easier for picking your favorite color/finishing. Our production lead time is generally around 6 weeks so we always can fulfill your deadline. 

On the other hand, we also import so many other wood material, such as Walnut, Oak, Ash, resin+walnut/polar, zebra, rosewood, teak and others from Africa and America, so It might be your another choice than New Zealand wood. 

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