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Powder coating steel
Different sizes are available (5 colors)

60x3 layers HKD 999
60x4 layers HKD 1049
60x5 layers HKD 1099


80x3 layers HKD 1029

80x4 layers HKD 1079

80x5 layers HKD 1129


100x3 layers HKD1059

100x4 layers HKD1059

100x5 layers HKD1109


120x3 layers HKD1089

120x4 layers HKD1139

120x5 layers HKD1189


180x3 layers HKD1119

180x4 layers HKD1169

180x5 layers HKD1219

Warehouse storage (5 colors) @HKD999

  • Unit price is in USD = HKD (x7.8)

    價格以美金計算,若換算成港幣就 (x7.8)


    24 hrs contact 

    WhatsApp: 852-95755545

    Mobile: 852-95755545

    Skype: jason.bigi


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