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L91 x D46 x H183


Powder coating steel supermarket storage rack (Please inquiry before you buy)


Colors:  (MOQ 4 sets) (最小訂4套)



Delivery terms: The goods can just arrive to the car park, No Door to Door service is included

* your place must needs to have the un-loading area *

(送貨只能到達客户停車場卸貨區, 不包上樓)



P.S It is not including the installation but it is very simple to be installed by DIY

比治Home Use Storage rack 家用儲物架 (4 sets -4套) 4-Layers 四層 @HKD1049/pc


    Unit price is in USD = HKD (x7.8)

    價格以美金計算,若換算成港幣就 (x7.8)
    24 hrs contact 

    WhatsApp: 852-95755545

    Mobile: 852-95755545

    Skype: jason.bigi


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