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**Please remark the color of frame and panel when you place your order


物料: 金屬加環保板 
每層承重最大30 kg 
櫃桶高度46 cm 
**正門可加鎖 HKD100/一套 
不同木板顏色可供選擇 (原木色, 櫻桃紅色, 黑色, 白色)


Material: Metal + Recycled panel
Self assembled
Every floor loading ability - 30 kgs
Height of each floor is 35cm
Cabinet height 46cm
** Add lock on the cabinet door - HKD100/set
Difference panel colors for your choice (Natural wood, Cherry red, Black and White color)
Metal rack color- Black and White


價錢 (深度  x 長度 x 高度) 厘米 
*H145 - 4 層, H182 - 5 層, H220 - 6 層 

Price (Deep X Length X Height)cm
*H145 - 4 layers, H182 - 5 layers, H220 - 6 layers
*Cabinet = 2 layers 

*(3) - 中間會多一條企框
*(3) - There is one more frame in the middle of it


30x60x145 - HKD1250
30x80x145 - HKD1330
30x100x145 - HKD1420
30x120x145 - HKD1580


30x60xH182 - HKD1290
30x80xH182 - HKD1420
30x100xH182 - HKD1500
30x120xH182 - HKD1630


30x60xH220 - HKD1480
30x80xH220 - HKD1580
30x100xH220 - HKD1650
30x120xH220- HKD1850
30x140xH220 (3) - HKD2100


40x100x220 - HKD2080
40x120x220 - HKD2280
40x140x220 (3) - HKD2480


Hot sell 3 combined set (same as front page photo)

30x120x182cm x 1
30x80x182cm x 1
30x60x182x 1
Total price (ON SALE) - HKD4100


Delivery terms

A貨物工商- 免費
C貨物送偏遠地區-(東涌,大嶼山,愉景灣,長洲,東平洲,機場,梅窩,大澳,唐福,貝澳)- 請查詢

*本公司只能盡量配合客戶收貨時間,詳細送貨時間要由速遞公司安排, 不便之處敬請見諒

Dear clients, please complete your payment through one of the following ways, and leave your delivery address, phone no and contact person. Normally you will get the goods in around 4-7 working days with free of delivery

Delivery way

A Deliver to commercial area - FREE
B Deliver to resident area - - FREE
C Deliver to remote island area - (Cheung Chau, Discovery Bay, Mui Wo, Peng Chau, Lamma Island, Tai O, Tong Fuk, Pui O and Airport ) - Please inquire

*if client locates the house or village where is not providing the lift, or any stairs blocking the way, our courier will just hand-over to you on ground floor
*we just can try to fulfill client’s pick up time and date but which is subject to courier arrangement.


Another Payment way

1.HSBC (ATM or online banking)
Name :BiGi Hangers & Accessories Company Limited
A/C no.: 817-353576-838

2.BOC (ATM or online banking)
Name:Chan Ka Ming
A/C no.: 0313-8610199952

@ Client also can use Alipay transfer to above ATM account  @

3.FPS (pls enter the following email)

Name: BiGi Hangers & Accessories Company Limited

BIGI 潮流書架連地櫃 高溫焗漆金屬架 C+環保木板多種顏色 免費送貨 Wood display

  • 24 hrs contact 

    WhatsApp: 852-95755545

    Mobile: 852-95755545

    Skype: jason.bigi


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