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Steel and wood display, Depth 36cm
L120xH160 - HKD1250/pc for 1 pc, HKD1200/pc for 4 pcs
L150xH160 - HKD1300/pc for 1 pc, HKD1250/pc for 4 pcs
Clients needs to assemble by themselves
客户需自行安裝 住宅用戶速遞加收HKD20

比治 鋼鐵連加厚木頂底版-衣服展示架-不可移動 Steel/Wood Display -CDG-Steel only HKD1250


    Unit price is in USD = HKD (x7.8)

    價格以美金計算,若換算成港幣就 (x7.8)

    24 hrs contact 

    WhatsApp: 852-95755545

    Mobile: 852-95755545

    Skype: jason.bigi


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