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Steel display, Depth 40cm
L  80 x130cm - HKD550/pc, HKD450/pc for 4 pcs
L100 x160cm - HKD580/pc, HKD480/pc for 4 pcs 
L120 x160cm - HKD600/pc , HKD500/pc for 4 pcs
L150 x160cm - HKD620/pc , HKD520/pc for 4 pcs
*+/- 2cm (please pay attention on the variation)
Add HKD20  for a set of wheel
Height we also have 130 and 150cm, please inquire
Wide we also have 80, 90 cm, please inquire
Clients needs to assemble by themselves

比治 鋼鐵衣服展示架 送滑輪 可移動 4WB Steel display Black (Different sizes)


    Unit price is in USD = HKD (x7.8)

    價格以美金計算,若換算成港幣就 (x7.8)

    24 hrs contact 

    WhatsApp: 852-95755545

    Mobile: 852-95755545

    Skype: jason.bigi


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