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Steel display rack

Pipe thickness 1.5mm

Dia of the pipe 32mm

Width - 48-52cm, depends on the length and height


Including the wheel (包滑輪)

wheel can be locked (滑輪可鎖)

*The Material and Quality of this rack already reached the limit* (材料尺寸及厚度已到達極限)


Height is 150cm (高度是150cm)

The height is already included the height of the wheel (高度已包輪子)

Defaulted wheel 6.3cm diameter

Client can upgrade the wheel to 7.5cm diameter by Adding HKD50/set -1 set-4pcs

*Loading ability around 60kgs** (承重量大約 60 kgs)


There are some sightly scratching marks on the surface but it will not affect the function(表面上可能會有少量花痕,但不影響功能上使用)


Raw silver price:

L120x150cm - HKD640/pc, 590/pc x 2pcs, 530/pc x 4pcs

L150x150cm - HKD670/pc, 620/pc x 2pcs, 560/pc x 4pcs


Matt Black price:

L120x150cm - HKD780/pc, 730/pc x 2pcs, 680/pc x 4pcs

L150x150cm - HKD800/pc, 750/pc x 2pcs, 700/pc x 4pcs


*Color: Raw silver or Matt Black *+/- 2cm (please pay attention on the variation) Clients needs to assemble by themselves客户需自行安裝 住宅用戶速遞加收HKD20

比治 進階加粗 鋼鐵衣服展示架-可移動 Raw Silver/Matt Black Steel display-CDB

Choose the colors
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