南美進口胡桃木桌 原木/一枚板 限時送鐵腳 10% off


Price (HKD)  
Please inquire for more detail

Table (5.5-7.5cm thickness)

120x65-75 cm - HKD 11000 
130x65-75 cm - HKD 12000
140x70-75 cm - HKD 13000
150x70-75 cm - HKD 14000
160x75-80 cm - HKD 16000
170x75-80 cm - HKD 17000
180x75-80 cm - HKD 18000
190x75-80 cm - HKD 19000
200x75-80 cm - HKD 20000
200x80-90 cm - HKD 22000
210x80-90 cm - HKD 23000
220x80-90 cm - HKD 25000
230x90-100 cm -  HKD 27000
240x90-100 cm -  HKD 29000
250x90-100 cm - HKD 31000
260x90-100 cm - HKD 33000 

270x90-100 cm - HKD 35000
280x90-100 cm - HKD 37000
290x90-100 cm - HKD 39000
300x90-100 cm - HKD 43000
320x90-100 cm - HKD 45000
340x90-100 cm - HKD 47000
360x90-100 cm - HKD 49000
380x90-100 cm - HKD 52000
400x90-100 cm - HKD 56000
400 to 600 -> Please inquire


120x32-40x45 - HKD  8500
140x32-40x45 - HKD  9000
160x32-40x45 - HKD  9500
180x32-40x45 - HKD10000
200x32-40x45 - HKD12000
220x32-40x45 - HKD14000
240x32-40x45 - HKD16000
260x32-40x45 - HKD18000 

*Bench (240-260cm) - No Live edge available 
*Including a pair of  metal leg

Extremely wider version
Table (5.5-7.5cm thickness)

120x  75-80 cm - HKD 14000 
140x  80-85 cm - HKD 16000
160x  80-90 cm - HKD 19000
180x  80-90 cm - HKD 20000
180x  85-95 cm - HKD 22000
200x  85-95 cm - HKD 23000
200x90-100 cm - HKD 25000
220x90-100 cm - HKD 28000


Choose your metal leg (assembling style) as below

Table leg.jpg

Different sizes for reference

The colours of walnut wood differ based on which portion of the tree the wood originates. Sapwood is the outmost part of a tree. In a walnut tree, the sapwood colours range from yellow and grey to nearly creamy white. The heartwood of any tree is the most innermost part of a tree. In a walnut tree, the heartwood moves down to the nitty-gritty with vibrant colours. It comprises a variety of light browns and dark browns with some grays, reddish rays, purplish hues, and dark streaks contained within.

Walnut wood is a popular exotic hardwood, valued and loved for its strength, durability, and vibrant and rich brown colours. The adaptability of walnut wood makes it a top choice for furniture, such as formal office furniture and mid-century contemporary designs. The furniture made with walnut wood is so impressive that it will never fall short of the mark. For furniture lovers, walnut wood is like a dream because it is easy to work with and finishes nicely


-Stable and solid
- Durable, robust but not heavy
-Good shock resistance
-Easy to work for carving and turning
-This wood glues and nails very well
- It has decent bending qualities
-Several unique colours
-Fine and equitably straight grain


-Easy to have the finger marks

-Need frequency cleaning on surface

Walnut wood has an excellent and straight grain, which is a bit abrasive in texture. It sometimes features swellings or some irregularities, perhaps including some waves or curls. A "crotch grain" can ensue naturally where the tree branches causing the wood fibres to fold. Each year a new yearly ring tries to fit in the space left, and the creases continue to form where the wood is flattened. A burl comes from protrusions on the tree that resemble warts if you do. Burl is created from the abnormal division of growth cells, providing a way for the tree to grow new branches if it requires. A burl in the grain of walnut wood is similar to a compact swirly shape. Walnut is distinctive with a grain pattern between protuberant oak and the uniform texture of maple.